Prices are all-inclusive as we do not accept gratuity.  The best “tip” you can give is:

1. coming back to see us

2. writing a Google or Yelp review! 🙂

3. sending a friend who is also in need of exceptional bodywork

Pricing reflects the massive amount of energy we put into each and every session.  This is not your typical massage with average results,

This bodywork is next level.

CANCELLATIONS:  Although our cancellation policy is technically 24hrs (yes, cancellations within 24hrs are subject to paying the full session price)  we ask that you kindly grace us with more time than that.  Cancellations less than 72hrs have a profound effect on the schedule and we scramble to message clients and fill the space.   Please make sure to mark your personal calendar when you schedule so you don’t forget about your upcoming session.  Thank you!

**Cash Discount** = no sales tax

Appointment with Dena

Need more info before you can schedule? Contact Dena at 512.699.2352  or email [email protected].