Our Team of Bodyworkers

Dena Kinate    (Owner + Creator of Applied Pressure)

Meet “The Surgeon”   Dena brings over 16 years Clinical Treatment Bodywork, Sports & Deep Tissue Massage experience to her studio.  Her sessions are so effective, meticulous and precise it’s like having surgery without the surgery.   She now teaches her own style of massage (applied pressure treatment) around the country to licensed massage therapists looking to further their deep tissue and myofascial release skills.  It’s no surprise that she takes great pride in her work and her studio space in Austin TX > St Paul MN & Cannon Falls MN:  Applied Pressure is her second home, and she sees her clients as extended family.   Dena will tell you that she was put on this planet to “Apply Pressure” and “its hard to explain, but connecting to clients and finding my way to the source of their pains is second nature for me”.  She believes that a great massage should not be just a 1 hour relaxing experience, rather an experience (sometimes a hurt-so-good type of experience) that relaxes you for weeks to follow.  Intentional and connected bodywork is the secret ingredient.  A great massage should actually fix the problem and that is the massage she offers.  She has been quoted saying, “There is no such thing as ‘too deep’  there is only ‘too fast”.  If you think you don’t like deep tissue, try a massage with Dena.  She uses a very slow and thorough approach to sink in deeper and address the underlying muscle and fascia issues: Applied Pressure Therapy is not your typical massage.  It’s something substantially more effective.


Meet “The powerhouse”   Brianna (Bri) is a Sports Massage rockstar!  If you need a thorough flushing of your quads, hammies, calves, etc. she is your girl!  Say goodbye to post workout lactic acid build-up.  Beyond that, she specializes in a more structural integration/myofascial release style of Deep Tissue with ART (Active Release Therapy) sprinkled in the mix.  Bri started at Applied Pressure with such a raw talent and unique style and after completing her apprenticeship with Dena she is officially an A+ bodyworker.  She is strong yet intuitive, her thorough understanding of anatomy is exceptional, her sessions are highly effective.  Book your next massage with Bri, you won’t regret it!