Our Team of Bodyworkers

Dena Kinate (owner &creator)

Dena brings nearly 15 years of experience in Clinical Treatment Bodywork, Sports & Deep Tissue Massage to her studio.  Applied Pressure is her second home, and she sees her clients as extended family which is why she offers a uniquely inviting and healing environment for clients.  Dena will tell you that she was put on this planet to “Apply Pressure” and has found her passion through healing people.  She believes that a great massage should not be just a 1 hour relaxing experience, rather an experience (sometimes a hurt-so-good type of experience) that relaxes you for weeks to follow.  A great massage should actual fix the problem and that is the massage she offers.  She has been quoted saying, “There is no such thing as ‘too deep’  there is only ‘too fast'”.  If you think you don’t like deep tissue, you may want to try a massage with Dena.  She uses a very slow and thorough approach to address the underlying muscle and fascia issues: Applied Pressure Therapy is not your typical massage.  It’s something substantially more effective.

Before finding her true calling, she attended Iowa State University with intention towards a degree in Zoology. After discovering her true passion for massage, she went on to obtain an education through Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN and Sage School of Massage and Healing Arts in Bend OR.  Additionally, Dena extensively studied kinesiology in conjunction with treatment and clinical massage therapy. She spent several years working alongside Physical therapists, chiropractors and MD’s to help injured patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.  Dena now owns Applied Pressure in Austin, TX and offers a full practice in highly effective Treatment Massage Therapy.  If you are athlete, Dena will preach to you that you need to be getting regular bodywork and she practices what she preaches (receiving 90 minutes of body work every 2 weeks herself).   She is active in cycling, Mtn biking, hiking and rock climbing.  In addition to her solid background of athletics, she enjoys the arts and music. It is very possible you will be relaxing to a song that she has produced while enjoying your massage session. With a realistic approach to massage, and emphasizing on educating clients, those who go to Dena will get a more comprehensive understanding of their experience. She uses humor and philosophy to integrate scientific knowledge into thoroughly explaining her practical application. Dena’s sentiment behind creating Applied Pressure Therapy is “I want to give others the knowledge of how and why our bodies function/malfunction because it actually all makes sense, but not always obvious.”


Brianna (Bri) is a Sports Massage rockstar!  If you need a thorough flushing of your quads, hammies, calves, etc. she is your girl!  Say goodbye to post workout lactic acid build-up.  Beyond that, she specializes in a more structural integration/myofascial release style of Deep Tissue with ART (Active Release Therapy) sprinkled in the mix.  Bri started at Applied Pressure with such a raw talent and unique style and after completing her apprenticeship with Dena she is officially an A+ bodyworker.  She is strong yet intuitive, her thorough understanding of anatomy is exceptional, her sessions are highly effective.  Book your next massage with Bri, you won’t regret it!

Brian O’Grady 

Brian has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003.  After graduating from massage school he worked in customer service, but  used his massage talent for gifting friends and family with bodywork.  It was only a few short years ago that he decided to take the leap of faith and pursue a professional career in massage therapy.   We are so glad he followed his heart and found his way!  There is no doubt that Brian is a healer.   He specializes in what we do @ Applied Pressure: Deep Tissue & Sports massage.  He can also accommodate those looking for a more relaxing Swedish massage experience and offers prenatal massage.    He has been working one-on-one with Dena (owner & creator of Applied Pressure) to deepen his deep tissue skills and expanding his knowledge of treatment bodywork.  So far, the customer feedback about Brian has been, “WOW” & “He is INCREDIBLE, Dena.  Where did you find him?”   Schedule your appointment with Brian and you will not be disappointed!