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This is not your typical massage.  We offer something profoundly more effective…

Our New Address: 809 South Lamar Austin, Texas 78704

For YOU; the runner, the bike commuter, the musician, the mother, the athlete, the tech guy, the active person who loves Austin.

Applied Pressure is a massage studio specializing in Advanced Massage Therapy: a blend of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Ashiatsu.

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Our Services

Our Services

Advanced Massage Therapy

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What our customers are saying about us…


I am a long distance runner and log between 65-75 miles a week. There is no doubt that this would not be possible without the deep tissue massages I receive from Dena on a regular basis. She has the ability to “feel” what’s going on with my body and work her “magic hands” into any area that is sore, tight or just isn’t feeling right and release whatever is causing the pain. Whenever I am training for a specific race or just logging the miles, Dena is a critical component of my training regimen. Plus, she is just a joy to be around!

Vicki Mechling

Long Distance Runner

I am a very active 56 year old male that loves to beat his body up running and mountain biking. Dena has made it possible for me to push even harder. She understands the hurts and knows how to relieve the pain. What a great massage! The best though, is that she always has a smile on her face and an uplifting attitude.

Mark H.

Active 56 Yr Old

Dena has the best hands in Austin!! I’m a mountain biker, ride horses, work at my ranch…very active. The 1st time I saw Dena, it was heavenly!! She gives new meaning to ‘deep tissue’!! Now, after 6 months of being a happy, weekly customer, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!!

Rhett Dawson

Mountain Biker, Rancher