About Applied Pressure


The Anti-Spa Massage Studio

Welcome to the “Anti-Spa” massage studio. This is advanced treatment bodywork offered by highly skilled and intuitive therapists. Combining Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to create the most effective massage you will ever experience!

For those of you who seek out “The Best”. Those of you who have had good massages, but want something even more effective.  Look no further, you’ve found your massage studio. 

“I created Applied Pressure (treatment) because I wanted to give clients the deep tissue experience I always dreamed of receiving.” -Dena (owner + therapist + lady in blue) 



A client recently posted this review and it might just be the best description of Applied Pressure to date. So here ya go!  thanks Mr.G!

“Applied Pressure is not a spa. You will not be given a 600-count Egyptian cotton bathrobe and a pair of organic hemp flip-flops to slip on your blistered feet or a glass of champagne served in Riedel stemware while you wait in an opulently decorated lounge for your massage to begin. A “massage therapist” will not infuse your skin with essential oils, or cover your face with Dead Sea mud. No hot rocks sourced from Mt. Etna will be applied to your back.

Applied Pressure is a real – sparsely, but tastefully decorated – massage studio, run by a BAD ASS massage therapist named Dena, with a bit of attitude, an infectious personality, and Minnesotan work ethic. Dena will use her hands, elbows, and feet (while suspended from custom-made oak monkey bars secured to the ceiling) to mend your broken body, so you can abuse yourself once again in your chosen field of sport.

My first massage therapist relationship lasted nine years, my second massage therapist relationship lasted 23 years. Some people die, others retire. It’s unlikely that I will be looking for a new massage therapist anytime soon.

Be punctual, because Dena always is, and if you lose your place on her regular’s list, you may be waiting a while for another spot to open up.”

Mr. G, ATX
Complacency = Mediocrity = Extinction